Wow! Finally did it!

Well, I have thought about blogging for quite a while with very little action.  Today is the day!  My goal for this blog is to share with any and all my experiences as a knitter and budding knit designer, an adventuous cook, crafter, organizer extaordinaire, but foremost the trials of being a mom.  I want to share the tricks which have worked but also those which have failed, more than likely miserably. Please learn from my mistakes!

My craft skills were planted during my childhood in LA (Lower Alabama).  My mom futily attempted to teach me so many things when I was quite young but sadly the skills did not hang around for very long.  I am quite sure my stubbornness (read, “Mom, I can do it my way just fine!) aided in the removal from my memory.  My mom has tried to teach me many life skills over the years; knitting, crocheting, embroidery, cross-stitching, sewing (that memory is a complete disaster!) and cooking.  I can confidently say my mom is an AWESOME teacher! Despite my reluctance to learn these skills, I am quite accomplished at most and have a true love for each.  I have since tried to teach my daughter most with little success.  We can only hope she will embark on the craft journey later in her life as I did.  My hope for her is to find the joy of creating something from hand and the relief it can bring from daily stress.

Below is a picture of the baby monkey I knitted for my son’s teacher to celebrate the birth of her first born.  The nursery is a jungle–she just didn’t realize how true that choice will become her life!  The poor little knitted thing is also a somewhat indicative of my life right now–I feel a little off-kilter as I seek my future endeavor as a mom with growing children and desires for a new career.

So thank you for endulging me in this new adventure of blogging.  I would love to know what you think–but be kind.  Remember, I can do it my way just fine!



About JenniferF

I am a crazy busy mom with 2 wonderful kids and a fabulous husband, great friends and neighbors and a very active church community. Love all types of crafts but especially knitting/crocheting. When the New England weather is good, I prefer to be in the garden. My Southern roots are kept strong by the 3 F's--Faith, Family and Football! There is nothing like watching a great college football game with family and friends--of course while knitting!
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