The Agony and The Ecstasy

This post was originally to post on 12/15 but crazy me thought I had published, but alas, did not.  I will follow-up with the other knitting projects begun and almost completed since mid-December.

Well, just got through 1 mild snow storm only to hear we are about to be blasted with another!  My heart always races when I initially hear this warning.  But then I realize, “I want/need a day off!”  I will plan to do 3 things on a day off–knitting, cooking or baking, cleaning.  Now of course, this is on top of taking care of Darling Husband (DH) and my 2 lovely children.  Last week, I was able to knit AND cook on top of play Scrabble, read aloud, go through websites with daughter, and straighten up the house a little.  Not bad!!

Now, on to knitting.  My sole purpose for knitting during this time of the year is the creation of special gifts.  I have such joy going through my special yarn stash (you know, the nice yarns) and trying to match texture with design and recipient personality. Not always an easy task.  As Christmas is nearing, I realize I have so much to accomplish before it officially descends on our home.  Many gifts to knit and pick up as well as wrap those I already have.  Every year I have the best intension to make as much as possible for special people in our  lives.  Then 12/15 comes (almost there) and I realize, “What was I thinking?”  Upon reflection, I realize I try to knit something I think will be meaningful to the recipient–here is the realization:  it only works about half the time.  Now for the enlightenment–while giving to someone should always be something ultimately they will enjoy, the creating part is a gift to myself which I relish every time, ahhhh, the ecstasy!

So this year, I came up with the idea of creating soap scrubbies/holders for my son’s additional teachers.  I will include a nice soap beautifully boxed and enclose a little note, “Wash out the old, refresh for the new!” and attach Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  My son thinks it is cute, I think it is cute, but will they think it is cute?  I don’t want it to be another one of “those” gifts teachers so often receive…what is this? what do I do with this? why did she give me this?  Well, the first sample is just okay.  I will need to improve this design if I really want the right impression!  Oh, the agony of gifting a knit.  My son’s homeroom teacher will receive a beautiful knitted cowl which I believe she will enjoy.  I used the lovely Burberry inspired cable cowl pattern.  Very scrunchy and yummy in the llama/silk/linen blend.

Just a few quick knits to get out so ta-ta for now!

Hopefully, a lil scrub 'ill do ya!

Hopefully, a lil’ scrub ‘ill do ya!


About JenniferF

I am a crazy busy mom with 2 wonderful kids and a fabulous husband, great friends and neighbors and a very active church community. Love all types of crafts but especially knitting/crocheting. When the New England weather is good, I prefer to be in the garden. My Southern roots are kept strong by the 3 F's--Faith, Family and Football! There is nothing like watching a great college football game with family and friends--of course while knitting!
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