Symphony Cowl

Created by Gramercy Knits

Created by Gramercy Knits

I created a beautiful cowl last spring for a friend’s fundraiser.  As I was knitting, the pattern kind of sang to me.  Honestly, I kept hearing a small symphony in my head! So, hence the name Symphony Cowl.

Although created with a fingering yarn (and sadly this one has been discontinued), my testers have used DK and worsted and all have turned out beautiful. Love creating a pattern so flexible.  The cables move back and forth, even through the button band.  This could also be knitted twice in length (or longer!) to create a scarf or double wrap cowl.  The buttons add a little pop to the flow of the cables and lace.  Please see my Ravelry page if you are interested in the pattern.

Created by Gramercy Knits

Created by Gramercy Knits

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Wrap it up!

Flicking Flames 1

I have managed to create a number of cowls over the last year. With a beautiful yarn by Mountain Goat (mohair & wool) yearning to be made into something other than a cowl, I whipped up this gorgeous wrap, Flicking Flames.  I played around with different edges until I found one I liked which could do double time as a buttonhole as well.  The pattern is fairly easy so I happily knitted along until I had only enough left for the final edging and bind off.  Whew!  I honestly only had a few inches left of this yarn.  Sadly, the picture is not doing any justice to the warm reds with flecks of gold and light brown (colorway Harmony Sunset).  Sits comfortably on my shoulders near my neck.  I love it!!!!

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The Agony and The Ecstasy

This post was originally to post on 12/15 but crazy me thought I had published, but alas, did not.  I will follow-up with the other knitting projects begun and almost completed since mid-December.

Well, just got through 1 mild snow storm only to hear we are about to be blasted with another!  My heart always races when I initially hear this warning.  But then I realize, “I want/need a day off!”  I will plan to do 3 things on a day off–knitting, cooking or baking, cleaning.  Now of course, this is on top of taking care of Darling Husband (DH) and my 2 lovely children.  Last week, I was able to knit AND cook on top of play Scrabble, read aloud, go through websites with daughter, and straighten up the house a little.  Not bad!!

Now, on to knitting.  My sole purpose for knitting during this time of the year is the creation of special gifts.  I have such joy going through my special yarn stash (you know, the nice yarns) and trying to match texture with design and recipient personality. Not always an easy task.  As Christmas is nearing, I realize I have so much to accomplish before it officially descends on our home.  Many gifts to knit and pick up as well as wrap those I already have.  Every year I have the best intension to make as much as possible for special people in our  lives.  Then 12/15 comes (almost there) and I realize, “What was I thinking?”  Upon reflection, I realize I try to knit something I think will be meaningful to the recipient–here is the realization:  it only works about half the time.  Now for the enlightenment–while giving to someone should always be something ultimately they will enjoy, the creating part is a gift to myself which I relish every time, ahhhh, the ecstasy!

So this year, I came up with the idea of creating soap scrubbies/holders for my son’s additional teachers.  I will include a nice soap beautifully boxed and enclose a little note, “Wash out the old, refresh for the new!” and attach Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  My son thinks it is cute, I think it is cute, but will they think it is cute?  I don’t want it to be another one of “those” gifts teachers so often receive…what is this? what do I do with this? why did she give me this?  Well, the first sample is just okay.  I will need to improve this design if I really want the right impression!  Oh, the agony of gifting a knit.  My son’s homeroom teacher will receive a beautiful knitted cowl which I believe she will enjoy.  I used the lovely Burberry inspired cable cowl pattern.  Very scrunchy and yummy in the llama/silk/linen blend.

Just a few quick knits to get out so ta-ta for now!

Hopefully, a lil scrub 'ill do ya!

Hopefully, a lil’ scrub ‘ill do ya!

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Wow! Finally did it!

Well, I have thought about blogging for quite a while with very little action.  Today is the day!  My goal for this blog is to share with any and all my experiences as a knitter and budding knit designer, an adventuous cook, crafter, organizer extaordinaire, but foremost the trials of being a mom.  I want to share the tricks which have worked but also those which have failed, more than likely miserably. Please learn from my mistakes!

My craft skills were planted during my childhood in LA (Lower Alabama).  My mom futily attempted to teach me so many things when I was quite young but sadly the skills did not hang around for very long.  I am quite sure my stubbornness (read, “Mom, I can do it my way just fine!) aided in the removal from my memory.  My mom has tried to teach me many life skills over the years; knitting, crocheting, embroidery, cross-stitching, sewing (that memory is a complete disaster!) and cooking.  I can confidently say my mom is an AWESOME teacher! Despite my reluctance to learn these skills, I am quite accomplished at most and have a true love for each.  I have since tried to teach my daughter most with little success.  We can only hope she will embark on the craft journey later in her life as I did.  My hope for her is to find the joy of creating something from hand and the relief it can bring from daily stress.

Below is a picture of the baby monkey I knitted for my son’s teacher to celebrate the birth of her first born.  The nursery is a jungle–she just didn’t realize how true that choice will become her life!  The poor little knitted thing is also a somewhat indicative of my life right now–I feel a little off-kilter as I seek my future endeavor as a mom with growing children and desires for a new career.

So thank you for endulging me in this new adventure of blogging.  I would love to know what you think–but be kind.  Remember, I can do it my way just fine!


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